On foot

Our walking tours

Discovering the Unesco heritage hills walking up and under between the vineyards and full of history towns.

Why choose walking tour? 

Do you want to discover secret sights and breathtaking views?

Do you want to give yourself some hour far from the daily routine?

So the walking tour is the one for you .

Ideal for trekking in every season, the possible routes to discover the Prosecco hills are so many.

However, they are very little known or poorly signposted and that’s why it’s important to have a guide to enjoy the walk without problems.

We will take you to the gentle slopes of our hills, penetrating between the vineyard characterized by sweet nectar, forgetting traffic and phones to let ourselves surprise by little churches, mills, and from the characteristic rural buildings of these zones, where man had able to cultivate and live respecting, and sometimes challenging, the sinuous curves of the land.

We will stop in wine cellars or inns, tasting good wine and food, admiring the view.

Choose the Tour

Our walking tour proposals are divided in three levels of difficulty

EASY (green) 3 hours maximum- gentle slopes – accessible with casual clothing and confortable shoes

MEDIUM (yellow) 5 hours maximum – few slopes – accessible with confortable clothing and tennis shoes

HARD (orange) 8 hours maximum – presence of challenging paths – suitable for people already trained in trekking – Trekking shoes and sports clothing



Always bring with you some fresh water.

Inside every tour you will find specific advices about the clothing, according to the season and the difficulty level.

Anyway, walking tours are not recommended for people with motor disabilities or wheelchair.


Do you have a group of friends or relatives that you want to have an exclusive guide with?

Do you want to get accompanied in a special zone tour?

Do you want an exclusive walk with your partner?

We create with you the perfect tour.

Please contact us for further informations.